• Dasaratha Rama

Becoming Brand Ambassadors for Thortspace

Ananth Raghunandan and I have chosen a direction for our work on Managing Moments Together! We have decided to use our Managing Moments method and tools to practice becoming a brand ambassador.

First Steps

We linked the Thortspace ambassadors sphere create by Colin Horner to our Managing Moments Together sphere. Now, this new project can be seen at a glance in relation to our other projects.

Next, we set up our Brand Ambassador sphere to document our work as brand ambassadors.

Our next step was to start writing a Glad I Did It! story.

Managing Moments and Brand Ambassador Work

Two main ways in which our Managing Moments work is supporting our brand ambassador work:

  1. We have been gradually building our Managing Moments journal in Thortspace over the last few months. Now, when we start a new project (e.g., brand ambassador), it is easy for us to create a new sphere for the project and show it in relation to our other projects.

  2. We can practice precision storytelling using our Managing Moments Together canvas.


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