• Dasaratha Rama

Animations: A Tool for Clarity

Our third animation micro-project for conveying the Managing Moments message and method with simple animations!

The Journey of a Micro-Project

A micro-project is set in motion when we glimpse a possibility (Awareness). We look for doable projects (Discovery) and find our path forward (Direction). We use our capacities and resources to get the micro-project done (Integration) while monitoring progress (Transformation) towards desired results.

The animation below shows that our Six Cs capacities are activated and grow as we do each micro-project. We access our Connections, engage people in Conversations, Clarify possibilities, goals, and activities, make Choices, use and grow knowledge and skills (Competence) and evolve workflows/ routines (Coordination) to get things done effectively and efficiently.

We are grateful to Boaz Branding for designing our Managing Moments canvas. We appreciate Manu Sekar's lessons on animations. Learning animations in an incremental and systematic way has been invaluable in figuring out ways in which we can use animations on our work. Thank you HashHackCode!


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