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Activity 1: Make a List of Macro-projects

Updated: Sep 21

Learning4LIFE Nugget Series: The Learning4LIFE Monthly Map: Day 1

Daily nuggets present Learning4LIFE one component and one activity at a time.

After much exploration and testing, we have arrived at the Learning4LIFE Monthly Map as the core Learning4LIFE tool.  Thus, the first series of Learning4LIFE nuggets will present activities for creating, using, and sharing the Learning4LIFE monthly roadmap.

The first question to answer in preparing the monthly roadmap:

Activity 1. Make a list of macro-projects that are active this month.

We may be involved in many long-term macro-projects. However, not all macro-projects are active each month. Moments influence active macro-projects. For example, Ananth has limited time this month. However, once we became aware of the LIFETalk wheel possibility, the folding project was activated.

Make a list of daily activities during September 2020

Example: Ananth's Monthly Roadmap - September 2020

Macro-projects are grouped by status as follows:

New projects (initiating) shows ongoing exploration to discover the right learning opportunities.

Greater items in sustaining signifies growing competence.

Adapting to evolving situations is key to learning independently.

Extending expands current knowledge and skills incrementally.

Ananth’s September 2020 Macro-projects

Initiating (Starting this month)

Practice yoga

Adapting (Changing because of situation)

Modify practice to prepare for arangetram

Modify other activities (e.g., reduce time) until arangetram

Sustaining (Continuing from previous month)

Practice dance (AM, PM)

Read BBA lesson

Memorize BBA terminology (AM, PM)

Rebuild and Talk BBA lessons

Practice for Medical Records exam

Do Creative Coding lesson (T, Th, F)

Learn Tamil

Practice piano

Work on Learning4LIFE project


Using Cognitive jigs for memorizing and writingView the compilation of nuggets in Thortspace below.

Daily Nuggets

09-20-2020: Practice the Language of Learning4LIFE

09-21-2020: Create a Learning4LIFE Monthly Map: L: Learning Daily: Make a list of daily learning activities


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