• Dasaratha Rama

A Path Clarifying Conversation with Manu Sekar!

Manu Sekar is more than a coding teacher! He is rapidly becoming a key stakeholder in our Managing Moments eco-system.

Yesterday, Manu helped me clarify direction and next steps for developing the Managing Moments journal. My work as a parent and educator spanning over two decades is at an important stage of development. We are finally at a point where we can make simple tools available for parents, teachers, leaders, and others.

So we are at a point where making the right choices is critical. As we are transitioning from development to making tools available to users, the tools and practices that served us well are not necessarily the tools and practices that we need now. Thank you Manu for taking the time!

Earlier, Manu asked about our +iT logo. The poster below is the result of that conversation. I think a relevant poster for this group as we start building the HHC community.


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