• Dasaratha Rama

A LIFESMART Affirmation

I am making LIFESMART choices right now is probably my most important affirmation, though I may not have framed it explicitly as an affirmation in the past. That is the notion that I live by - I am Learning daily, following my Interests, growing interactions with Family, and Engaging my communities in meaningful ways by doing SMART projects. I am guiding Ananth to make LIFESMART choices is a related affirmation.

I may not know where my choices will lead but I am at ease/ at peace knowing I am making the most informed LIFESMART choices that I am capable of making at this moment.

The LIFESMART affirmation works for me because it is integrated with all the LIFESMART elements. The Six Cs are key. I am confident of my choices because I have invested in my Connections, grown Conversations, increased Clarity, and hence grown my capacity to make Choices, to grow the right skills (Competence), and use my resources to do things (Coordination).


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