• Dasaratha Rama and Ananth Raghunandan

Managing Moments 2020

Launched today! Ananth's Managing Moments journal

A key relationship in Managing Moments is between moments and macro-projects. Macro-projects are long-term projects of over three months whose goals and activities may be gradually clarified over time. Moments reveal information that clarify shorter, doable projects (micro-projects) to move macro-projects forward.

Ananth's macro-projects

Six important macro-projects are underway in January 2020:

  • Arangetram (A Bharatanatyam dance performance that I will be doing in March 2020)

  • Medical Records second year of the program (Exam in mid-April).

  • Developing Data Analytics skills (Datacamp, projects) (Develop spreadsheet skills)

  • Preparing for my level 6 of Trinity piano exam (July 2020).

  • Writing: Writing short answers and essays from memory for my exams (April 2020)

  • Maintain journal in Wakelet, Googlesheet, and Thortspace (from January 6, 2020)

Tools Used

Wakelet: To keep track of monthly macro-projects. Different macro-projects are expected to receive more attention in different months.

Thortspace: To provide a visual map of macro-project evolution and to trace the impact of moments on macro-projects

Googlesheet: To keep track of daily activities and progress for each macro-project

Managing Moments

In our varied roles as learners, teachers, coaches, parents, entrepreneurs, network builders, and leaders, we develop ways to manage our time and get things done. Often, it is difficult to manage by to-do lists and traditional planning approaches. The Managing Moments journal is the core tool for implementing the Managing Moments process. As moments happen, we adjust our actions. The flow of moments and activities is recorded in the Managing Moments journal.

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