• While I (Rama) encountered The PhD Project (a national organization that seeks to diversify the workforce by diversifying business school faculty) as a business school professor, it is my journey as a home educator that has kept me engaged in my study of their model for over a decade!  The Growing Systems of Success (GSS) approach is a unique perspective on how to help every individual reach their potential through a balanced consideration of opportunities, goals, and systems.  While I learned a tremendous amount through my study of The PhD Project, homeschooling played an important role in helping me transform this learning into an educational practice.  


  • Homeschooling provided me a space to experiment and to make discoveries.  Ananth has been a part of this journey from the outset.  His interest in the performing arts as well as his engagement with visual, tactile, and kinesthetic learning tools has influenced the development of  the"Learning4LIFE" model and practice.  Today, these frameworks and tools have evolved into the Learning4LIFE approach that seeks to grow Learning foundations, developing individual Interests, nurturing Family well-being, and fostering community Engagement. 


  • We are now blogging together to engage our face-to-face and online communities in using the Learning4LIFE approach!  Visit our blog here.    We have been experimenting together for a long time and COVID19 lockdown has created the time for us to coordinate our activities and create Learning4LIFE resources together.


Dr. Rama
Dr. Rama's journey as a homeschooling parent, professor, and entrepreneur has led her to develop Learningr4LIFE.  Ananth has has been a part of this journey for over ten years as he has explored a variety of manual and technology-based tools with Dr. Rama to find ways to deliver the Learning4LIFE message, tools, and practices to a variety of users.  The Growing Systems of Success method was created based on work Dr. Rama did on The PhD Project (a national organization that seeks to diversify the workforce by diversifying business school faculty).  Dr. Rama's interactions with those in The PhD Project network and others has led to the development of the Learning4LIFE approach.  She is currently developing the LIFESMART workbook with Ananth to enable parents, teachers, students, entrepreneurs, and others map their journeys and track their progress.


Bharatanatyam plays an important role in Ananth's life.  Ever since he discovered Bharatanatyam in 2011, he has wanted to learn this art form.  He wanted to do his arangetram performance in India. The opportunity to do his diploma in Hospital Documentation and Medical Records at Kamakshi Memorial Hospital, Chennai has enabled him to work towards his goal of doing his arangetram in India.

Ananth enjoys playing the piano and dancing. He has learned the piano for ten years and enjoys performing in Senior Centers and at community events.  He is now preparing for Trinity piano exam level 6.  

Ananth’s goal is to help families educate children with different interests and abilities, and to encourage all children to learn music and dance.  Along with his mother (Dr. Dasaratha Rama), he is currently developing the Learning4Life resources and website.  His website Dance4LIFE will show Learning4LIFE in action.  Dance has had a profound impact on his LIFE trajectory, a story that we will unfold in Dance4LIFE.

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