Learning4LIFE: Learning Together During COVID-19 Times

Learning together has never been as daunting as during the COVID-19 times.  Lockdowns, social distancing, cancellation of face-face classes, and other factors make learning challenging in these times.  Yet, we also have a unique opportunity for co-creating different learning environments that open up learning to all learners. There are numerous efforts underway to foster learning in these turbulent times

As a professor with 30 years of teaching experience in higher education settings and as a homeschooling mother, I have a perspective that is family-centered.  Learning4LIFE starts with four simple questions:

L: Learn Daily

- What do you learn daily?

I: Interests

- What do you like to do daily?

F: Family

- What do you do with your family daily?

E: Engagement with Community

- How do you interact with your community daily?

The focus is on engaging families in learning together and sharing their learning with the larger community.  I am encouraged to see such models taking shape in the community. 


My son and I have started doing Creative Coding together with HashHackCode.  While I have considerable experience with programming, we are enjoying our co-learning journey!  


The Managing Moments method, canvas and tools can be used to organize Learning4LIFE.  Thus, Learning4LIFE is shown on the Managing Moments canvas in the figure.

Managing Moments


The Managing Moments Method emerged from my experiences as a professor and home educator.  It is based on the idea that we start, modify, continue, and expand projects based on information revealed by moments.  Managing Moments focuses on the interplay of unpredictable, unexpected moments, and disciplined and systematic action.  While I learned systematic teaching methods as a professor, I had to learn to Manage Moments daily as a homeschooling parent!  Managing Moments has now become a way of life.  It serves us well during these turbulent times.  

The Learning4LIFE Newsletter


The monthly Learning4LIFE newsletter is organized by the four LIFE components.  The newsletter features stories and tips addressing each of the LIFE components.

What is your LIFE story? Review the newsletters below and contribute to our newsletter!

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