David Gray of the School of the Possible suggested that I create a lab page.  The GSS Lab page was first published here.  However, I want to maintain my lab page on the Growing Systems of Success (GSS) website so that it can be better integrated with the GSS blog and other resources.  Also, viewers can interact with the GSS story map and other interactive tools on my website.

Last Updated: 01-19-2019

As an engineer, professor, home educator, and social entrepreneur, I see a tremendous opportunity for us to grow our systems for long-term success by engaging diverse individuals across the world. We have opportunities to help every individual develop their potential and live fulfilling lives in ways that were unimaginable even a decade or two ago.


Q. What is the future you want to create?


Every human develops their capacity to TAP (Think -Act - Play it Forward) into his or her Potential by accessing and contributing to global, inter-generational learning Networks.

Q. How do you track progress?


My primary tool is Rama's 2019 Roadmap in kumu. The map shows emerging collaborations and projects for Growing Systems of Success.


Q. How are you doing so far?


I was excited to present GSS to an audience of about 1,000 students at a women's college in India.  My first presentation to a large audience.  It was a great learning experience that helped me sharpen the GSS message.

Q. What are you NOT doing?


I am not using video tools for engaging the GSS community. I did some video sessions with Tammy Lea Meyer.  I realized that it is so much easier to integrate concepts, stories, call to action etc. in video. I would like to explore zoom and use it as a tool for developing and disseminating GSS.  I will be talking to Jane Tyson as a first step.


Q. What have you learned so far?


Play it forward daily! When I started writing my book, I shared something about my work in the Ecology of Systems Thinking group. A few people started exploring my ideas with me. It was encouraging. I shared some more. Soon, I was writing my book by playing it forward! I would write a little (or create a poster or other artifact) and share it in the group. Soon, I started making connections. Some people started joining my GSS groups. Some of the most active member in the GSS community are from EoST. I continue to play it forward daily. My group Growing Systems of Success (GSS) Daily is based on this notion of playing it forward daily.


Q. How can you help others? (+ a way to connect directly)


Playing it forward grows connections! Yet, I find that few people in online groups share their work. My goal is to provide a space where people feel comfortable sharing what they are doing. More importantly, I want to provide people to see the value of playing it forward, and grow it in a systematic way.

I was very fortunate that I connected with Boaz Branding in 2014. At that point, Growing Systems of Success was a research project. Boaz remarked “Dr. Rama, you should stop writing and do some branding work.” Boaz has made a tremendous contribution in helping me communicate my message. The GSS canvas at the top of this story was designed by Boaz Branding. I use the GSS canvas as my roadmap, and core tool for organizing communications with the GSS community.


Q. What help do you need? (+ a way to connect directly)


I continue to explore ways to reach audiences. When I came across The PhD Project, I was homeschooling our second son. It struck me that this large scale program was rooted in the same experience that I was living every day:

When faced with uncertainty, ambiguity, and possibilities, our networks are vitally important.

I was fortunate in having a well-informed, home-schooling parent as a neighbor. I have walked across many times and returned with valuable insights.


As I interact with more people, I am getting a better sense of what the GSS development trajectory should be like. We are at a critical point in our development, and welcome inputs from parents, teachers, learners, entrepreneurs, leaders, and anyone interested in developing human potential to share their ideas and insights. Contact me at growingsystemsofsuccess@gmail.com. You can also join our community at Growing Systems of Success (GSS) Daily.

The Growing Systems of Success (GSS) approach is based on The PhD Project (www.phdproject.org) model.  Additional information is available here.

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