The GSS Daily Group Vision


Helping our Members TAP into their Potential 

T: Think with GSS group members from different countries in the world

A: Act by doing nano-projects (small, well-defined projects with clear success criteria)

P: Play it Forward to seek feedback, and to encourage, inspire, and inform others

The GSS 30-60-90 Day Planner

The GSS 30-60-90 Day Planner is intended as a tool to practice GSS.  Our goal is to create an immersive experience for learning the elements of the GSS canvas, and the application of GSS in a variety of settings by embedding GSS building blocks in a tool that can be used by anyone.  Use the general purpose 30-60-90 day planner to explore GSS, and then use GSS in unique ways to meet your needs!

Review the 30-60-90 Day GSS Planner  then join the conversation in GSS daily!  We are organizing conversations by elements of the planner below.  Visit the GSS Daily Challenge page to view conversations about planner use.

The Growing Systems of Success (GSS) approach is based on The PhD Project ( model.  Additional information is available here.

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