Music in the Cloud:
A Growing Systems of Success Case Study
Ananth Plays it Forward is our cloud-based prototype for Growing Systems of Success (GSS) implementation.  Modeled after Sugata Mitra's granny cloud, a playing it forward cloud is designed as a space for individuals to encourage and support each other, and to learn from each other.  The design of the playing it forward cloud is informed by The PhD Project model.  Our tools and practices were developed through a multi-year study of The PhD Project model.  The GSS model is a systemic model with numerous parts and inter-relationships.  The question that motivates this case study is: How can a user start implementing the GSS approach.
Our suggestion: Start with a micro-project!  Ananth has been playing the piano for many years.  He is preparing for his next performance on April 2, 2018.  We decided to use this example to illustrate GSS implementation. 
Guiding Question: How do we grow our systems of success by implementing micro-projects and engaging thinking partners in the cloud?

Thinking Partners in the Cloud

Micro-projects on the Ground

Every individual and organization has an unique blueprint for adding (+) people and resources to networks, growing interactions (i), and transforming (T) networks to achieve success and to help others achieve success.  Our emerging formula for success is "thinking partners in the cloud, micro-projects on the ground."  Thinking partners in the cloud enhance access to people and resources to grow learners' systems of success.  Thinking partners in the cloud also increase awareness of possibilities, guide exploration, and shift learners' journeys.  Thinking partners in the cloud provide encouragement and support for projects on the ground.  Ananth Plays it Forward Cloud has 32 members from different countries in the world.

How is the Ananth Playing it Forward cloud changing Ananth's music experience?

We shared information about the upcoming performance.  Members of our group have offered encouragement.  They have also shared information, made suggestions, and asked questions.  For example, Michael Josefowicz suggested that we share the Thortspace sphere documenting Ananth's music journey.  Today, we updated the sphere and posted it on this page!  


Chance favors those who invest in their Six Cs

Learners grow their systems of success through interactions with thinking partners in the cloud and through interactions with project teams on the ground. Our music conversations are increasing due to the involvement of the members of the GSS Playing it Forward cloud.  We are gaining clarity about creating and presenting transmedia artifacts throughout our journey.

Access to a network of mentors and peers who encourage and support individuals on their journey.

Participating in ongoing conversations. 

Aligning ideas, people, and resources to achieve a goal.

An ongoing process of making decisions under uncertainty.

An ongoing process of developing knowledge and skills.


Success is a journey from opportunity to goals.

Ananth's notes on Upcoming Performance 

Thinking partners become aware of people in the network.  They

Since my audience is different and because Ms. Lois may not be there. I have started adjusting my performance

Since I have only about ten days to prepare, I decided to play the songs that I was practicing for my next performance at a senior center. I chose a combination of classical, patriotic, and popular songs. I think that will work here. 

I was already practicing these songs. I have finalized the sequence. I am going to practice more next week to prepare for the performance. 

Overall, I feel like I am progressing well. I just need more practice in turning the pages while I am playing. We have also updated our Thortspace sphere and website. I also prepared a bio and sent it to Els Center. 

Lois Uscher

Ananth has been learning the piano from Lois for ten years.  She is his music teacher and a playing it forward coach and champion!  She helped him prepare a program for his brother's wedding.  Lois has also encouraged him to play in a Senior Center, helping Ananth take his music to the community.


Growth is an activity, not a spectacle!

Implementing Micro-projects

Micro-projects are short projects (less than one month) that are doable and worth doing.

Thinking partners in the cloud guide learners in initiating the right projects: We learned about the Els Center opportunity from a post in another group.

Thinking partners in the cloud help learners adapt ideas, skills, tools, and resources to projects and situations: We are adapting our transmedia tools to portray Ananth's music journey, and to further developm our playing it forward practices.

Thinking partners in the cloud help learners sustain the right projects: We are focusing and sustaining our transmedia efforts in documenting Ananth's music journey.

Thinking partners in the cloud help expand the use of familiar ideas, skills, tools, and resources: While we had documented Ananth's music journey in a Thortspace sphere, feedback from members of our cloud is helping us sharpen the presentation.  An indicator of success is that we have been able to integrate our recent transmedia projects on this page!

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