Because life does not follow your plan!

Moments are unexpected and unpredictable events that influence action.  We start, modify, continue, and extend projects based on information revealed by moments.  Our capacity to notice and to respond to moments influences our capacity to choose and implement the right action throughout our lives.

Managing moments together involves three main steps.  Learn more about each step by clicking on the links below:

1) Grow Personal Learning Networks

2) Grow  Learning Capacities

3 ) Map Journeys Together


Together, these three steps enable us to 

Do the Right Projects Together

The elements described on this page are applicable to different types of projects.  However, Managing moments together is a flexible process.  The steps are applied based on the nature of the project.  For example, sharing moments is a practice that is invaluable in certain kinds of projects.  Similarly, the process of growing capacities and mapping journeys are influenced by the nature of the project.  

Everyone has a unique formula for success!


Share Moments Daily

Networks are the key ingredients of our special formula!  Life is unpredictable and complex.  We notice moments and adjust our actions continuously.  People in our networks support us in responding to moments effectively. 


While each individual has their own unique formula for managing moments, sharing moments daily is a practice that can benefit everyone. Daily moment sharing is about rapid storytelling.  It can be done quickly and provides significant benefits.


Online social networks have increased our opportunities for sharing moments, seeking feedback, and responding to others.  Learn about members of your networks and discover synergies by sharing moments daily!

As COVID 19 has led to social distancing, daily moment share in online networks provided small, ongoing opportunities for learning with others.  Our first workbook will provide suggestions for daily moment sharing as a way to manage moments.


Chance favors those who invest in their Six Cs

The Six Cs help individuals navigate any situation with greater ease and confidence.  The Six Cs are particularly important while making choices in situations where the outcomes are uncertain and/or the path is not clear at the outset.Through conversations, we can acquire information that helps us make better choices.  Our Six Cs represent our capacity to respond to the flow of moments!

Access to a network of mentors and peers who encourage and support us on our journey.

Participating in ongoing conversations helps us expand strong and weak ties.

Integrating ideas, people, and resources to achieve a goal.

An ongoing process of making decisions under uncertainty.

An ongoing process of developing knowledge and skills.


Success is a journey from opportunity to goals.

additbg-10 1.jpg

Our Six Cs enable us to notice and respond to five types of moments,

One key type of moment is when individuals become aware of opportunities, challenges, and resources. 

Our journey begins with awareness of possibilities.

What I know

A second type of moment is when a project or activity becomes doable.  We may be aware of possibilities for some time before a project becomes doable.

What I concider

A moment when we commit to a project is another key moment.  Many projects may e doable at a given time.  Moments when we see our next steps clearly are critical to achieving desired results.

What I choose


when we see ways to get things done using our capacities and resources are the fourth key type of moment to manage.

What I do

Individuals transform possibilities into reality over time.  Moments when you.see progress, changes to your situation, and changes to capacities and resources are important moments to manage

What I get


Growth is an activity, not a spectacle!



Managing Moments Together helps us:

Start the right projects

Make the right changes to projects to respond to changing situation

Continue activities and practices that work!

Expand successful projects and practices incrementally.

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