Developing a Student Portfolio:
Managing Moments Monthly Map

August 2020


After much exploration and testing, we have arrived at the Managing Moments Monthly Map as the core Managing Moments tool.

The components have not changed over time.  However, as we experimented, a precise practice became clear.

A monthly map offers the following benefits:

  •  It is a concise document that shows where we are now, the moments (recent and events many years ago) that brought us to our current situation, micro-projects, and progress

  • - It can be replicated quickly at the beginning of the month

  • - It can be updated fast

  • - As we have many macro-projects and micro-projects to track, a daily journal does not work for us.  A concise document that does not require much time to update allows for time to use the documentation for future planning and development

  • The information in the monthly maps can be used to organize visual storytelling and portfolios.

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Ananth's Creative Coding Journey

The Managing Moments Monthly Map is the first document in the portfolio.  Each month, we will add pages to the document for the current month.

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